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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Apple, Spielberg and science fiction: the series that you can not miss

Sometimes, Apple gives us certain surprises that we do not know very well how to interpret. We are so exaggerated, and so predictable, that it may not seem surprising to us, but it's fun to see how these strange strategies materialize. The one of today, has not been exactly a big surprise, but if that is something that, very probably, we will enjoy each and every one of the present. At least, we like the work of Steven Spielberg .

And as part of its commitment to creating original content , Apple has signed an agreement with the television unit of Amblin , the studio led by Steven Spielberg, and Universal Television. All this, to revive one of the series that rested in the repertoire of the NBC, "Amazing Stories", a science fiction series very of the style of current series like "Black Mirror" that stopped issuing in 1987.

Amblin will work with Apple to create a new season of "Amazing Stories" 

As for the role of Spielberg in production, we should not be too excited, because the information provided by the Wall Street Journal, would be executive producer . In other words, he would simply put some of the money away. And if they will have to put money, because each chapter could have a cost of about five million dollars. In total, it would be about 50 million spread over a season of 10 episodes.

Of course, this new series will be broadcast exclusively through the Apple platform, and will form part of the large investment that the company has prepared for audiovisual production. Of course, it will be nice to see how Apple operates in a relatively new market for them, such as audiovisual production. Surely you will find great to take advantage of products like your new Apple TV 4K .

And to you, what would you like Apple to produce?

Via | MacRumors 

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