Apple supports abortion and eliminates a pro-life app from the App Store -


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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Apple supports abortion and eliminates a pro-life app from the App Store

The Internet has gone crazy to know this news, Apple has removed an application from the App Store after the criticism received by bloggers left. This is the beginning of the news that we are going to tell you right now and shows how Apple is always on the side of our rights.

The company is a champion of the rights of the people , it has already positioned itself in the movements in favor of homosexuality and, today it has made clear that it does not take big demonstrations to fight for our rights. Apple does not do it all for money.

Apple Hood, justice for all

The application in question is an application created by Human Coalition, a pro-life grouping . It has a prayer feed, where users can access in real time a map of the United States and join the prayers that other users make in favor of families who decide to abort.

According to the group, Apple claimed that the application had malfunctions to remove it from the App Store. However, when they spoke to Apple representatives from the Human Coalition they demonstrated that the application worked above the minimum requirements - even better than other apps -.

According to the co-founder of the group, in the United States it is becoming fashionable to dissuade or silence Americans who oppose abortion and Apple is within it.

    This Apple move does not surprise us, but it does disappoint us.

Apple, ban, Apple

Since the launch of the App Store in 2008, Apple has faced criticism of removing apps from its store. Apple does not seem to have standards as strong as certain governments, they are more than believing to see .

This type of policy, has led Apple to face some problems that are similar to the one we are dealing with today. However, it is a liberal policy that does no harm to anyone but Apple. If the company assumes the risk, let less than fight for our rights.

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