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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Apple thinks you use your iPhone too much

At this point, we should all be clear that one of the main problems we have in the 21st century is that we are virtually unable to disconnect from the digital world we have assembled. Now, devices are everywhere, in our desks, pockets, dolls, cars. We can connect anywhere in the world , even by satellite. And losing that connection, in many cases could go crazy.

But, although it seems strange, we not only worry about this problem ourselves as consumers, but also there are companies that can not explain why we use both devices. One of them is Apple. The company, through Jony Ive, has expressed concern about this problem that concerns us so much in one of his last interviews, although in this case we offer a solution that goes very much in its line.

Apple wants us to not look so much at the phone, and look more at our eyes 

A few days ago, the chief designer at Apple, Jony Ive, was interviewed in order to resolve any doubts we might have regarding the change of direction that Apple has decided to take in its latest great product, the iPhone X. In it, the executive commented that the rates of use of the iPhone are especially high for his taste, and that in the company are not too happy with this.

The main objective of Apple products, as they have commented on other occasions, is to improve our lives, not absorb them. They do not want their users to keep looking at their smartphone any more than they need to. For them, the ideal is that users have an Apple Watch so that we do not have to take our iPhone out of pocket from time to time. Although, personally, I do not see that the solution to this serious problem is to put another device on the wrist that in fact no longer depends on an iPhone .

And you, how often do you look at your phone?

Via | Business Insider 

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