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Friday, 13 October 2017

Apps that spend more data in the background

Many of us have real panic and it is that a background application that consumes more than planned, can leave us with no data in the middle of the month . These applications do not need to be opened, since just downloading and installing them starts downloading data to keep you up-to-date and working.

This background operation allows us to receive notifications in real time , data instantly and open the application faster, but sometimes is excessive or not so necessary to want it as well.

Be that as it may, the great computer security company Avast has tested more than 3 million terminals in the world during January and March of this year , with the aim of bringing us the classification of the mobile applications that more data consumes in the background . It will not surprise too many that four Facebook applications and two other Google property are at the top of this list.

1. Facebook 

Not surprisingly, this application constantly tracks the news of our contacts and interests marked , practically never has a break and is a great risk to our data plan . It is no secret to anyone that application developers should start rethinking certain things and optimizing the performance of this one better.

2. Instagram

Another of Mark Zuckerberg's company. Instagram was bought by Facebook back in 2012 for the impressive figure of 765 million euros . It currently has 800 million active users each month. No doubt the Zuckerberg company made a good investment. But as far as data is concerned, the consumption of this is quite high and certainly for the same reasons as Facebook.

3. Yahoo! JAPAN

The Japanese application of the popular and pioneering Yahoo! search engine has won the third place. This tool has a multitude of services which must be kept updated at all times , hence the excessive consumption of data from this application.

4. Firefox 

The popular free software browser Firefox is the one that more data consumes without it being executed. However, Mozilla (the developer of Firefox) has announced the new version of its browser that will appear in November and promises to revolutionize the speed of navigation without consuming more resources of the devices.

5. The Weather Channel

This innocent application to check the weather is one of the worst that can make you go if you neglect . This is based on dynamic screens that must be fed continuously to provide information about the updated time and always varies depending on your location, time and time.

6. WhatsApp

The popular application owned by Facebook has more than 1 billion people who use the app on a daily basis to communicate. The problem comes when you know that this application consumes a significant amount of data even though it is not being used , because it must constantly be updated.

Many of the applications included in the classification are quite popular and in some cases we can not do without them so we must control the use we give or block the execution in the background if we do not want the extra wear and tear of the data. Anyway, this information is good to know in any case and without doubt more than one can help you to find out why your data disappears so quickly .

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