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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Buy the Apple Watch 3 after Christmas

The Apple Watch Series 3 was loaded with new features , including the ability to use it to call, thanks to its 4G technology. What made us uneasy was knowing that during the current year he would not reach Spain . Yes, we were not on the list of 10 lucky countries.

It does not mean that we can not buy ours, in fact, if we go to the page of Apple we will be able to buy it right now , but without 4G connection. We can purchase the aluminum model until we have the 4G version available in Spain, since the stainless steel and Apple Watch Edition have no option without LTE.

But do not lose hope, Apple claims that the Apple Watch Series 3 with 4G connection will arrive in Spain. Yes, in 2018. No one has ventured to give the exact dates, but surely the reasons for this delay are because they must agree with the operators the activation of the virtual SIM that incorporates the clock.

And, as for the design, the new Apple Watch LTE models are almost identical to the 2 series models, with the exception of a thicker 0.25 mm rear glass that houses the heart rate sensors and the bright digital crown which denotes its LTE version. The red digital crown draws attention powerfully , and nobody leaves indifferent. It's a kind of love-hate.

Inside, the device has a powerful an upgraded S3 processor, and is the most interesting change for this wearable. It is significantly faster than the Series 2 Apple Clock and if you come from Series 0 or Series 1, you will see that the speed is now noticeably higher.

Some new owners of Apple Watch in its LTE version have encountered activation problems when trying to install their new devices , but in the video test connects without any inconvenience . When used connected to an iPhone the battery has a much faster wear rate.

The Apple 3 Series watch can be purchased at Apple's online store and in its physical stores. There are LTE and non-LTE models, although in Spain, at the moment and as we have previously advanced, the LTE version is not available . It is for this reason that we recommend waiting for such agreements to be able to enjoy all the functionalities of Apple Watch 100%.

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