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Friday, 13 October 2017

Can Apple deal with a "Note7" case with the iPhone 8 Plus?

We read it just 10 days ago and we were frozen : an iPhone 8 Plus appeared deformed because of a battery in bad condition in Japan. It had not exploded, but obviously the terminal was unusable.

A day later the same thing happened in China . In both cases, these were new devices that after being loaded with their original charger suffered this incident.

The fourth and fifth case were not long in coming : Greece and Canada were the countries where it happened . In one case it had been loaded with a non-original charger, but in general it happened when the new iPhone 8 Plus was released from the box. Just 48 hours later two more cases came.

The iPhone 8 was introduced during the keynote of September 12 and went on sale soon after, on September 22. It has been little more than two weeks in the market and 7 cases have already been reported, but the number continues to grow. Are we facing a similar case to Note7?
Note7, Samsung's explosive terminal

Not long ago, Samsung did the same thing with their Note7 , although in their case received a hundred complaints and there was risk of explosion. In the case of the Koreans, it is believed that it was a design error, which did not allow sufficient space for the components and the heating of the battery would lead to deformations and explosions.

However, the supplier of both is the same : Amperex Technology Limited (ATL). It is assumed that they more than anyone would take care to avoid errors in their batteries, although against such complex components can fail. But so many?

It should be remembered that Samsung ended up discontinuing the sale terminal , with all the losses involved in product development, materials, manufacturing, labor, distribution, R & D, marketing ... and intangible damage to its image . But they had no choice, were dangerous to their customers and even some governments like the American asked to withdraw, as the BBC reports.

But let's put figures on the table : Note7's affair cost $ 17 billion to Samsung and a 7% drop in the stock market, as La Vanguardia explains.

Obviously, the Note7 was a macula in Samsung's file that cost him to leave and apologized for betraying the trust of its users . It costs a lot to gain a reputation and market share and very little to lose.

This year they have done well with Note8 and S8 / S8 +, but it will always be in memory of all that clamorous mistake that caused 7 million users to jump to iOS .

With such a strong competition, last year was a ride for Apple and its iPhone 7 , which did not even have to innovate too much to take the users looking for the top of the street.

How could Apple affect you? 

To begin with, do not panic : at the moment they are only 7 terminals and have not exploded, which are not dangerous to health for the moment, only defective, something that already happened with antenagate and bendgate. Apple will simply supply those affected with another terminal and compensate them for the inconvenience.

But if the numbers continue to grow, the damage to the image would be very serious . And obviously, damages your accounts as well. A withdrawal would be an important economic blow in the strategy developed for this 2017, but its ascendancy would be noticed in time.

Sales of the iPhone 8 are low because of the hype generated by the iPhone X , but with this they would still be worse.

They would only have their expected flagship to make up for the total and of course they would have no margin of error with it . That is, either Face ID is a success or this year can be a debacle.

With this spot in his brilliant career, perhaps Samsung, Huawei and Google would take advantage to continue to hog market share . His incursion into Asian countries would be hampered.

If Samsung could overcome, Apple would not be less . Nobody is perfect and Apple has already been successful as it has done on other occasions, but the competition is fiercer than ever. Apple is demanded perfection and for its price, not for less. 

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