Do you want free applications? Come and see what we have -


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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Do you want free applications? Come and see what we have

Today we were not going to be less, we can not leave without the applications or games that are only free for a limited time. Before the clock passes and the offers expire, we leave you with our proposal for today. We hope you enjoy it .


MyTracks is a professional application to obtain GPS data when you go out for example to walk, jog, drive, bike, etc .... It is a technical solution application based on its high precision instruments . MyTracks takes the data from the GPS sensor and uses them to determine all the different statistics to track, including geographic data and speed calculations.

Photo Streets Maps

Photo Street Maps displays a photo view on street maps. And it is fast and very useful, since it is like the popular Street View. Photo Street Maps finds any location by postal code , partial address, store name or landmark name by typing, or speaking location, verbally.

BitEmoji - Real Emotion Texting App Stickers

Some feelings can not be expressed with a simple face.

This app is for anyone who wants to have fun while communicating with family and friends but who is tired of the round yellow faces that really do not express their feelings. Finally, a sticker app created taking into account the user: All functions are based on user requests! You have experienced the evolution of Emoji / Emoticons ... now, take the next step and join the Texting Revolution!

Just ski

There is still time to go to the ski slopes. While we bring you a very minimalist game about this noble sport, but being very basic does not mean that it is not fun . Well try it and tell us. Only today will be free.

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