Do you want your home to smell like an Apple Store without ruining it? -


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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Do you want your home to smell like an Apple Store without ruining it?

October is a good month for Apple fans: just quit the iPhone and many of us have run to get us with it. What a box cuqui, what good finishes, what smell of new gadget Apple. It's like when you bought your Mac or iPad. Unfortunately, you took the box, put a holster and started to use it and goodbye to that characteristic smell. Also, that is not a cheap odor to enable us to allow every month .

To solve this, the Apple Twelve South accessory manufacturer last year surprised everyone with candles with a very distinctive scent: a new Mac ... or go, to new Apple gadgets . And even better, its sanctuary: an Apple Store.

It costs $ 24, much cheaper than any other Apple product and guarantees you smell of Apple for weeks . Your secret? A mixture of mint, peach, oregano, lavender, mandarin, among others. By the way, you may look like a frikada, but it sold so well when it was first released that they ran out of stock. So now there is a second edition.

This new delivery also has notes of bergamot and lemon to make it look even more. Eye, that when lighting the candle many say that it smells of old grass or pastel ... but nobody solves deciphering the reality: "it smells of new Mac" . What a disappointment!

Although good, its aspect did not help, so this new edition is more like an Apple product , which is not cheap for a candle. Of course, it is also a little more expensive: 30 dollars. Although the benefits go to a charity to help young people train, so that it hurts less. And how good it smells, what! If you want to buy it, this is the official web of Twelve South .

Via | The Verge 

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