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Monday, 2 October 2017

Does iOS 11 imply the final goodbye to the Jailbreak?

Let's not fool ourselves, Apple has included so many functions in iOS 10 and iOS 11 that installing the Jailbreak on iPhone and iPad is almost unthinkable . In fact, the company has been inspired several times in the Jailbreak to offer its users the best possible experience.

From options such as recording the screen to other features including 15 applications in the Dock , through the customization of buttons in the Control Center and even Multitasking. All of them have already gone through Cydia, but Apple has been improving its operating system to make users no longer show so much interest in the Jailbreak.

Even so, sure that many users still want to take full advantage of all the benefits of Jailbreak. But the iOS 11 Jailbreak is not yet available . Will the Jailbreak come to iOS 11? Or is this the final goodbye to the Jailbreak?

Jailbreak status for iOS 11

There is currently no available version of the iOS 11 Jailbreak . But the world of hacking and technology is so exciting that it is likely that some group will try to publish and share a tool so that users can tweak, customize and touch up every aspect of their iPhone and iPad thanks to the Jailbreak.

Previously, every time Apple released a new software update, a hacker skipped vulnerabilities and security patches to do the Jailbreak. Now the thing has changed. Since iOS 10 there is not so much demand for the Jailbreak , they took a lot to create a tool. Not only because of the lack of interest, but because Apple shields its operating system more and more.

What experts recommend, if you are thinking of installing the Jailbreak, is to stay in iOS 10.3.3. Even so, Apple still signing iOS 10.3.3 , this means that if you install iOS 11 you still have the possibility to downgrade. As for iOS 11.0.1 and iOS 11.1, if you wait for the Jailbreak (no one knows if it will come) it is better that you do not install those versions, because your security patches will become more difficult to jump.

It is impossible to predict if someone will launch a Jailbreak for iOS 11, we do know that thanks to the implementation of new features and the cessation of limitations in its operating system , Apple has managed to forget about the Jailbreak. What do you think?

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