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Monday, 16 October 2017

Dragons! Zombies! Explosions! Dragon Hills 2 is full of action!

We are talking about a game that captivates, Dragon Hills 2. It has everything you could want in this type of developments. It's easy to play for just a few minutes each time, the graphics are colorful and flashy, and the difficulty makes all of the progress seem important .

Like many games of this type, Dragon Hills 2 falls into the category of making you progress a little each time, so that your level of development of the same remains constant. The controls are simple, your character moves automatically and you need to touch and hold the screen for your dragon to enter the buildings , the ground or even the enemies.

When you release your finger, your dragon will jump up and jump, which will allow you to reach new platforms, collect coins, kill the bad guys and avoid obstacles.

There are a lot of obstacles on the road to success. The zombies will attack you with cars, weapons and chainsaws that deplete your health, and acidic moats will kill you automatically and end your career immediately . This is where the difficulty of Dragon Hills 2 comes into play because it only has one way of moving and that is down and up.

It's really hard to judge exactly how to climb from the ground when the game is so fast. It forces you to always be watching what lies ahead and anticipate how to react.

Collecting coins allows you to buy in-game power-ups that will help you defeat the bad guys and reach further into the level , but they are expensive and the number of coins you collect in each race varies widely. The good news is that you are not at all necessary to progress, it will only make you progress much faster, being able to choose the path that is right for you.

The game is generated by procedures, so no two runs equal , which gives a nice taste to the game, so do not get bored during an extended game session.

Design and sound

Images are probably the most impressive part of the overall game. The bright and vibrant colors are not only pleasing to the eyes, but the background and the foreground have a good balance , so you can always clearly see obstacles, enemies and buildings in the foreground.

If I have a complaint about the design (and it's a minor complaint), it's that sometimes the screen may be too full , which made me lose track of what was going on in the game. It made me die a couple of times, but with all the chaos, destruction and explosions in the game, the gameplay experience is very good.
General Impressions

In summary, Dragon Hills 2 is worth it for its price. The game delivers on all its promises, providing a fun, flamboyant and colorful casual gaming experience that makes it worth playing for minutes or hours each time.
Dragon Hills 2
Dragon Hills 2

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