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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Duel of processors: Apple vs Qualcomm, why always wins Apple?

The legal battle between Samsung and Apple has been one of the most important in the mobile technology sector over the last decade. Until Apple and Qualcomm got involved in another war.

Everything is going through a small hardware component that turns an iPod touch into an iPhone. Yes, we are talking about the chip that works as a processor.

From Qualcomm, in addition to creating modems that allow devices to connect to networks for calls and mobile data , they have also invented the necessary technologies for those connections.

Qualcomm was at the forefront of the mobile revolution

Some of Qualcomm's inventions have been basic and used by every company in the world of technology. Of course, everyone paid Qualcomm a fee for the rights reserved when employing its technology.

But how did it all begin? Why Apple and Qualcomm have this legal battle? This time it is not a fight for having copied an iPhone or because they have infringed a patent. It is much more complex.

Since Apple were very unnerved because Qualcomm requests an additional 5% in the cost of the devices . A figure that can reach 30 $ in each iPhone unit. But it is much lower on Android smartphones manufactured in China.

Apple managed to bring those $ 30 down to just $ 10, challenging Qualcomm. In late 2016, Qualcomm was sued for "abusing market domination" by employing anti-competitive tactics. For their part, from Qualcomm believe that Apple limits the performance of its processors.

In early July, Qualcomm was the company that sued Apple for "infringing six patents related to battery life and graphics processing." But other companies, such as Samsung and Google, supported Apple on this occasion.

The battle against Qualcomm can be very long. It's a fight that Apple had to fight years ago. Considering that the companies must pay a fee to Qualcomm for each unit, it is reasonable that the bite apple company has wanted to manufacture its own iPhone processor with TSMC.

But why is the Apple processor better than the Qualcomm processor? Basically because it is a chip specifically designed by the Cupertino company. A processor that perfectly fuses the hardware and software of the iPhone and iPad.

Mobile connectivity is very important, but it is not as important as it used to be. We do not know what will happen in the future, but we do know that Apple will continue to pay an additional cost to Qualcomm for using the cellular technology used in the iPhone. Even if the LTE chips have been manufactured by Intel.

Source | BGR 

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