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Monday, 30 October 2017

Edit WhatsApp messages: well, it's going to be that

Many times, humans make mistakes. It's shameful, but we do it, and over time, that makes us stronger. However, there are times when we would prefer to have the opportunity to correct them at the time, especially if someone else is going to be able to keep it. Something similar happens with WhatsApp messages. Sometimes, we do not realize that we have made an error or that the proofreader has made his mistake until we send the message.

If it were Telegram, it would not be a problem, since it allows us to edit the messages at the moment, but in the case of the Facebook app, we can not do anything to correct them. Until a few days ago, we only had the option to send a new message correcting us and hoping that the recipient did not give importance to it. Now, we have the possibility to cancel the messages sent, and for that reason, from WhatsApp consider that it is unnecessary to work in the edition of messages.

The function of editing messages will not see the light on WhatsApp

Thanks to the tweets of WABetaInfo we have been able to know the decision of the development team of the application, something that, personally, we did not find something good. It is true, being able to delete messages is no longer strictly necessary to edit them, but imagine if you have to send a long message, and for an error you have to delete it and send it again because you can not edit it. Of course, when it comes to providing facilities, those of WhatsApp do not give one.

In addition, it is a thousand times better to edit a message than to leave behind the message "Message deleted", leaving doubts about what we could have written there. We do not know if it was giving you many problems, or if you have considered that with the functionality of canceling messages, which we have already shown you , it is enough, but you should rethink your decision . After all, he is not yet at the level of his competitors in this aspect, and they can not rest on their laurels as they have been doing for so long.

Source | WABetaInfo Twitter

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