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Saturday, 28 October 2017

Everyone wants an iPhone X, break records!

After several analysts said that the iPhone X has expectations for the skies and the "hype" at a practically unsustainable level, the reservations of this have been a resounding success on the part of Apple , confirming the expectations placed on this device. The demand for this phone has been such that in several countries it has already become practically impossible to buy it to receive it on November 3.

Apple officials have assured that the iPhone X can help the company to beat a new sales record for 2018. In addition, a report by Morgan Stanley said that iPhone sales could exceed the 262 million units , a considerable increase considering that Apple's previous record was 231 million in 2015.


Apple's master plan

This impressive demand for iPhone X comes just in time, especially after seeing the reports about the poor sales made of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Anyway, the poor sales of these iPhones can be explained very easily thanks to the expectations that there were and there are about the iPhone X. People have preferred to abstain from buying the brand new iPhone 8 to have the redesign of the new iPhone X.

And it is another very favorable point for the iPhone X, it is the first iPhone redesigned in a long time . A new corner-to-corner screen covers almost the entire front of the terminal and the stainless steel edges give it an elegant touch never before seen on a smartphone. Not to mention the star function, the substitute of the Touch ID: Face ID . More advanced than any other facial recognition system we've seen before.

Anyway, investors are reacting favorably to the news of the reserves of the iPhone X since the opening of the reserves of this, Apple has raised a few points in the stock market just entered the morning.

Source | bgr.com

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