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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Everything AirPods should copy from Google Buds

Despite the large number of rumors involving Google Pixel 2 the company has managed to reserve some surprise during the presentation of the terminal.

One of the most surprising novelties was the Pixel Buds , a wireless headset with Bluetooth connectivity designed to compete directly with Apple's AirPods .

But Google Buds are much more than a wireless headset ...

Are Google Buds Better Than Apple AirPods?

The Pixel Buds will cost $ 159 and can be loaded into a case, just like Apple's AirPods. The charging case of the Pixel Buds has a USB-C port.

According to Google, a charge will last up to five hours . The case is covered with a soft gray cloth , just like the Google Home Mini. For its part, the rope anchored to the headphones also has a cloth covering. Two very interesting points that Apple should have in mind for their AirPods.

Unlike AirPods, Pixel Buds do not fit inside your ears, properly. A small section of your string fits around the inside of your ear to help set the earphones.

The back of the Pixel Buds is tactile . You can use your finger on its surface to adjust the volume, pause and play your songs. Even to activate Google Assistant.

Google Buds are designed to pair with Android devices, just as Apple's AirPods are optimized for instant iPhone sync . If you open the Google Buds case near an Android smartphone, it skips a notification instantly asking if you want to sync the accessory.

However, and interestingly, despite all the fabulous features of Google's new wireless headsets ... they do not have that "premium" look or feel, as well as the sleek design of Apple's AirPods . But as we mentioned before, they have many strong that Apple should consider for their AirPods 2. Do not call it copy, call it inspiration.

Via | Mashable 

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