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Friday, 13 October 2017

Everything a foldable iPhone X can offer us

If there is something that fascinates us the iPhone X is that impressive screen ratio never seen on an iPhone to date . A few days ago, we heard the rumor that Apple would be working with LG on designs to achieve flexible screens , a project that would be in "secret" to try to compete with a similar project that has Samsung , which is also the exclusive supplier of OLED screens.

Titled Electronic Devices With Displays (with little description), with the US patent 20170294495 and under the signature of Apple, this project is an improvement over other similar ones we saw last year .

Although the title is so vague, from the summary and photographs it is seen that these are foldable devices. In fact, the first few phrases that include are:

    An electronic device could have a flexible section that allows the device to be folded. The device could have a flexible display.

The patent focuses on the screen that Apple would use in those products, in both OLED and microLED screens. In addition, the patents explains that the technology could be used for other terminals beyond the mobile : computers, tablets, wearables and others. Incidentally, Apple manufactures all that!

The document shows that the interest is to double it with respect to an axis without breaking the device or its functionality is affected . It simply seeks to reinforce the screen with more flexibility to improve its ergonomics in a market where more and more users are looking for terminals with the largest screen.

The most curious is the range of possibilities of use that open . For example, this screen would allow you to use it as if it were a laptop, with the screen in front of the user's eyes or even as a book. For small sizes, the device would remind a wallet, with the screen in the outside area.

In any case, although Apple is working with this technology, does not mean that we will see it immediately after , in the next iPhone that launches, is only a possibility that is being investigated in Cupertino. But if Samsung is working on it and Apple too, everything points to that will be an imminent reality.

Via | BGR 

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