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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Everything you are missing out on not using Facebook Messenger Lite

The battle for supremacy in mobile instant messaging is brutal. There are dozens and dozens of applications in the iOS App Store that serve the same thing: chatting.

Probably the most popular messaging applications are WhatsApp, iMessage, Snapchat, Telegram and ... yes, Facebook Messenger.

Recently Mark Zuckerberg's company announced plans to expand Messenger Lite , an additional version of its official messaging application specially designed for Android smartphones with low performance and processing.

Messaging applications are becoming more complete

With more and more features, instant messaging apps require the use of a lot of data and power on your phone . Without going any further, Facebook Messenger itself has application extensions, multiplayer games, a bot shop, animated emojis, Stories ...

But it is not the only messaging application that uses too much data. For example, iMessage is not far behind either . The iOS Messaging app has an app store, messages with spectacular effects, freehand drawings, audio recording and more.

All this means that the user experience is more complete, of course, but it also makes performance less fluid on devices with less processing power.

But Facebook Messenger Lite is a proof that it is possible to combine modern messaging with simplicity . It's really simple, it offers users three columns: recent conversations, contacts and settings. Themes, personalization, wallpapers, distractions? No. None of that.

Even so, it does offer the classic emojis, interactive notifications, audio recording, photo capture and chat groups. It even allows you to make calls via Wi-Fi. What more could you want?

Currently, as we mentioned before, Facebook Messenger Lite is available on Android . But its release will soon be produced on the iOS App Store.

If the arrival of iOS 11 has caused your favorite messaging applications to slow down on your iPhone do not hesitate, download Facebook Messenger Lite as soon as you land in the App Store.

Via | The Verge 

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