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Monday, 16 October 2017

Exploit the first iPhone 8 in China

It seems that the Californian company will start to accumulate cases of iPhones that act in a way, at least, not normal. This is probably an isolated incident , but as we say in our chronicle, there are already several that have taken place.

The fact definitely reminds us of the Samsung Note 7 fiasco, which was largely caused by faulty batteries and which forced the Korean company to remove it from circulation . We recently reported on a particular iPhone that exploded while charging. As a result, Apple launched a formal investigation into the matter.

Now, a Chinese woman named Xiaomin (not worth making jokes with her name, that we know), ran into some serious problems after she left her phone charging all night . Apparently, she heard some ripped sounds or creaks and saw that the device was starting to smoke.

So what happened?

The truth is that the poor Xiaomin was frightened and reacted in a rather particular way, poured water to quell the incident. This did not solve anything, as it did not stop noise or smoke emissions . After the unpleasant event, Xiaomin took some photos of the shredded iPhone and sent them to Apple.

He's probably waiting for a replacement, but Apple has yet to issue an official statement . Other users have reported that they receive iPhone 8 phones with deformities out of the box. The reports on battery malfunction are also coming to light , as we have been echoing in these three weeks.

However, this is the first time we hear about an iPhone 8 sizzling and smoking. We also do not know if it was charging the device in a charging base or the standard cable system, but in any case is an inadmissible event for a company like Apple .

We will see if Apple issues a statement about it, if it occurs we will publish it immediately . What do you think these problems are? Why do they occur only on the Asian continent?

Via : eteknix.com 

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