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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Facebook buys tbh, an app to make you the ball

Facebook continues unstoppably its promotion as a favorite social network of the majority (or at least, the most used) thanks to the implementation of new functions and the acquisition of other apps to integrate in its enormous platform. Your last step? Buy tbh, an app for iPhone and iPad that has become popular because it serves to throw compliments , so it quickly has won the hearts of youth. Thus, a priori the operation of tbh will not change after purchase, as in the moment already happened with WhatsApp or Instagram.

Basically, Tbh allows you to send pre-set messages to your friends, thus preventing people from sending threatening messages, insults or encouraging cyberbullying in any way. According to tbh, more than 5 million users have downloaded the app and have sent more than one billion messages since its launch last August.

Although the app is popular among teenagers for obvious reasons, it can be used by anyone. He has messages like "Mr Wonderful" like: " You could win an Olympic gold medal for how well the eye is painted " and that's when you choose between 4 of your phone contacts (who downloaded the app) as answers. The answers are anonymous, although if you are worthy of that compliment, the app will warn you.

Other compliments included are "makes me laugh like no one" or "has the best smile" , imagine what a rush to receive such things ... especially if you lack teeth. A few months ago we talked about Sarahah , an app operating similar but focused on gossip that also possible to say things not so good, so that arouses some controversy wherever you go.

According to tbh people, when they met with Facebook:

    We realized that we had similar values, connecting people through positive interactions.

Well, more than anything, doing business through the insecurities and need of recognition of people , but there is good niche market. The purchase has been for $ 100 million, although Facebook has not confirmed.

Via | The Verge 

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