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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Facebook dropped worldwide

What could be worse? The popular social network Facebook has fallen this very afternoon while hundreds of thousands if not millions of users browsing or uploading content to this social network . This of course has caused the panic of many "techno-addicts" but it does not seem like anything to worry about either.

Facebook is a giant social network, its servers are rarely inactive (like now), but for some reason they have been shut down. This can be due to different factors that we do not know completely, including any subject related to WhatsApp , since as we will remember, it is constantly expanding and surely updates of this affect directly to Facebook.

These failures are not manifested in any way. Literally we are shown a blank screen and the page does not work . In the case of the application may seem to work correctly, but does not show new stories in the wall so it is not being updated correctly.

Location of the fall

The fall of Facebook has been especially noticeable in central Europe, Asia, South America and other major US cities, our country has not been saved since there are also certain reports of Facebook failures .

According to the Downdetector portal, the falls have started to occur shortly before 6 pm, causing discontent of millions of users who wanted to access the social network and creating more than 30,000 reports in the same portal. They also ensure that 40% of users who have tried to access have not received any response from the server while the remaining 60% have managed to at least see the log-in screen.

We do not know how long this will last, but when it comes to a social network as big as Facebook we hope not much . Every second that the page goes off-line can lose money and cause discontent in its users so they have much to lose if they do not solve this as soon as possible.

Source | downdetector.com 

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