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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Find out if a fake location has been sent to you on WhatsApp

For a long time, WhatsApp has allowed us to share with our contactor diverse information about us, and even files like images or videos almost instantaneously. Among some of the possibilities offered by the app, is to share the location, so that we can tell our contacts where we are . Even, in a while we can share it live .

However, it also has some tricks to manipulate it a bit. And, let's face it, no one is grateful that they hesitate with something like this. There is not much desire to send you the location of a place, and then you have to go to another completely different because of the gracious turn. So, if a couple of months ago we taught you how to change the location you send, today we show you how you can detect if the location is false or not .

How to Avoid Getting Fooled Using the WhatsApp Location 

Actually, the main problem with this system is not that you try to cheat or not, but rather depends on the accuracy of your mobile, then it can lead to confusion without having to change anything. However, there are also some clever ones who take advantage of others who do not know how to use the function properly. For them, we tell you the way you have to unmask them. You simply have to check if the message with the location has a link or not under the preview of the map.

If the message indicates a specific address next to the Google Maps preview, then this is a custom location indicated by the sender. If, on the other hand, it has no link or address, and only the map can be accessed, then it is the current approximate location of the device. Now that you know, you will surely pay more attention to these small details. After all, they make the difference

And you, have you ever played with this trick?

Via | Community Movistar 

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