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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Fired the Apple worker whose daughter leaked the iPhone X

A few days ago we told you a story that did not leave anyone indifferent : a vlogger whose father worked at Apple accessed the Apple Park before the keynote of September 12 and recorded the iPhone X in full action . Needless to say, the video went viral because of the awakened expectation. It was not the first or the only filtered video , but in this case the provenance and originality of the terminal was known.

Weeks later we received the news that Apple could have fired the parent of the vlogger , named Brooke Amelia Peterson, for more than obvious reasons: the leak of information taking advantage of their position. In fact, Peterson herself is the one who claims that her father has terminated his contractual relationship with Cupertino for his video. And how does this news get us? Well, through another video, although this one is much more tearful.

The iPhone X video included much more than it seems

Peterson deleted the video but it was too late and although in reality it was just a few minutes showing the terminal, it also included footage with an iPhone X with special QR codes for employees, as well as a note that included code names of Apple products without launching . If recording on the Apple campus is strictly prohibited, recording information on gadgets that have not yet seen The Light is even worse.

It is not the first time something similar happens, although another Microsoft employee suffered the wrath of Bill Gates when his son uploaded to the network photos of the Xbox 360 before its release. Brooke Amanda's father had worked for Apple for years and had helped develop important projects. At the moment, Apple has not confirmed or denied anything , but it falls within the logic of his dismissal.

Via | The Verge

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