Forget about not finding emoji with this amazing WhatsApp trick -


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Monday, 16 October 2017

Forget about not finding emoji with this amazing WhatsApp trick

I love emoji. GIFs may be much more fun, but with emoticons you can quickly express and nuance just what you are looking for in a conversation. Fortunately, apps know this and every time they implement more emojis so that we never have the feeling that something is missing. However, sometimes it happens to me that I get lost in the vast immensity of the list of emojis and I end up putting another simply out of boredom.

Yes, I'm a lazy and it bores me to look carefully. I do not deal with them. So when someone puts one I like just copying and pasting it to appear among my list of most used. Luckily I'm not the only one and WhatsApp has realized the flagrant need to incorporate a search engine that is efficient to find them in the fastest and most effective way possible.

In fact, we have just discovered a trick that although we can not yet use on QWERTY keyboards like ours because it only works on English keyboard, we imagine that it will not take long to reach other keyboards.

This will be the WhatsApp emulator search engine

The trick basically consists of writing two points (:) in the text input field and then a word that identifies the emoji you are looking for. As we say, so far this trick is only valid for English keyboards .

So, imagine that you are looking for a monkey emoji, then you would write "monkey" or in the case of an English keyboard: "monkey". Sometimes it is not necessary or that you finish the word. The same thing happens if you type ": love". This will display all the related emoji and you can choose much more quickly. In case you are looking for cat emoji, you just have to type ": cat". And so on, very easy right?

Via | WhatsAppen 

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