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Friday, 13 October 2017

Game Boy Mini, a reality?

Nintendo has long been appealing to nostalgia to make its users happy, and by the way, get a good slice. That's why the rumors about Game Boy Mini are getting stronger every day. In view of the good results that are reaping the previous projects, it is not surprising.

Game Boy Mini

The NES Classic Mini was the precursor of the predecessor, and in 2017 we were able to see the SNES Classic Mini . So it is not unreasonable to think that they follow the same trail, seen and considering the fruits that are giving. In fact, for those of us who already have an age, the Game Boy Mini would be a sweet return to childhood. Without the problem of batteries, lighting and a long etcetera ... which we could easily solve, luckily for everyone.

Going to the heart of the matter, the rumors have come from a Japanese account on Twitter. This is basically to look for information of this nature. In particular they have found an image that could be the patent that reveals said project. Although there are no technical data or refer to the characteristics, it does not leave much to the imagination. We met our lifelong Game Boy. Big, imposing and hard as a rock, but full of fun for many. It was there that we knew and expressed great sagas; from the classic Mario to the newborn Pokémon.

Nintendo has not commented on the launch of the Game Boy Mini , but who knows. Maybe they're keeping the surprise, we know they love the show!

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