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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Get an iPhone X before everyone thanks to Apple

There are very few days left for the launch of the iPhone X and the whole world is waiting. As is often the case with Apple products, it is very likely that this new device will be depleted just minutes after its market, leaving you with no chance to get one until the next lots arrive.

However, if you are part of the Apple Update Program, you could be very lucky. Those of Cupertino will give you an exclusive pass to buy your iPhone X before other people .

Be the first to have an iPhone X 

The apple company has launched a very smart plan with the pre-purchase of their new iPhone X. Now, thanks to the Apple Update Program, you can save steps when ordering your smartphone, which will increase even more your odds of getting one unit earlier than any other.

Apple has decided that those who are subscribed to such a program will be able to fill in the paperwork necessary days before , to avoid doing so when buying the terminal, so you end up with a clear advantage the purchase process.

What is the Apple iPhone Update Program? 

If you are thinking is to subscribe to this program but you are not very clear what it is, here we leave a brief explanation to give you an idea.

With this interesting program you will get a new iPhone device every 12 months, plus a subscription to the AppleCare + service. Obviously, you will have to pay a certain amount each month to cover the total cost imposed on the contract that will make you sign the company.

Prices vary for each model , costing the iPhone 8 $ 34.50 each month, and the iPhone X $ 49.91 monthly. 

The supply of iPhone X that is to come does not seem to be very large, and this measure by Apple confirms this. Those of Cupertino seem to be having problems to quickly produce this new terminal, so if you want to do with one sooner, you better subscribe to the Update Program .

Are you in the update program already? Tell us your feedback experience!

Via | BGR 

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