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Friday, 13 October 2017

Get ready for the most disastrous launch of an iPhone

During these last years, we have lived with some tranquility the launches of the products of Apple. Thanks to the work of the Andrea Ahrendts team, the speed of the process has been improved and we have been able to attend much more fluid sales. However, there is something against which Apple can not do anything, at least for now. The speed of production of certain components of your new iPhone X.

As we have already told you, the new iPhone has a series of specially innovative components that, for now, are exceptionally complicated to produce. As in any technology, the manufacturing process is improving over time, and in this case just just started. So the launch of the iPhone X will be heavily weighted, to the point that many users will not be able to get the device until 2018.

The new iPhone X is going to be as slippery as the rumors indicated 

So far, we wanted to think that these were just rumors, but the closer we get to November 3, the more credible we get this information. Today, it has been the Japanese newspaper Nikkei that has warned us again. Their sources inform them that the problems that had been discussed previously about the TrueDepth sensor are true, and that they are having problems with the suppliers responsible for the components of this.

Currently, the pace of production would have reached 400,000 devices per week, however, this figure is not enough to meet the demand expected by Apple. So, it is very possible that for the next November 3, the official launch day, you will want to have the reservation of your iPhone X ready, because they are going to be a few months complicated. Of course, do not expect the fluency of other years or from far away.

And you, will you make the reservation of the new iPhone X or wait for the thing to calm down?

Via | BGR 

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