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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Google confirms why Apple removed jack

One of the bad things about technology, and science in general, is that pioneers never treat them too well. The public wants to avoid changing their lifestyle because it works, just as it is. However, it is undeniable that change is inevitable in order to bring about new innovations in the future. It is necessary to leave behind the ballasts to be able to go faster than ever, as in any other aspect of life, although many times you can not reach your competition or those .

In the case of the jack connector, we find a technology designed for the first phones that has been able to adapt to changes in the technology industry over the years. Such has been his level of adaptation, that today we continue using it with total normality. But, we can not fool ourselves. The jack already has an expiration date, and in fact, has already been passed for some time.

Welcome to a world without jack, Google 

When Motorola introduced last year the first phone without a jack connector, many decided to criticize the decision. But even so, there were far fewer than those who complained to Apple when they introduced the iPhone 7 in September with that same absence. All for a world without cables, where we can leave behind these types of ballasts without worrying about a possible loss of quality. But many took the opportunity to laugh at them, Google being one of them.

Now, with the launch of Pixel 2, we have had a really curious surprise to see that the connector jack has disappeared to make way for an expensive accessory . And, of course, in the company they have a reason for it . The same that Apple gave at the time, the future. The space occupied by the jack, allows all components of the phone can be efficiently placed taking full advantage of the space. Surely they do not laugh so much of Apple in Mountain View.

And you, have you already become accustomed to change?

Via | BGR 

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