Google Pixel 2 will try to outperform the iPhone X with a feature that Apple released in 2015 -


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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Google Pixel 2 will try to outperform the iPhone X with a feature that Apple released in 2015

After months of rumors and speculation, Google plans to make its own keynote tomorrow afternoon . It is curious how increasingly more and more from Mountain View are observed similarities with respect to Apple , that yes, although the great G is enormous, as far as software or devices, is to light years of those of Cupertino.

And is that the shadow of Apple is very elongated. So much, that does what it does ends up being a reference for the sector. Long is the list of inspirations that Samsung Koreans have taken from Apple, so much so that it is not the first or the last time they end up in court .

Motion Photo, the "new" Google, is an old known iOS: Live Photo

But Google is something else and their respective Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL expect a worthy rival for the iPhone 8 and perhaps for the iPhone X. However, Google will try to surprise us with a somewhat particular software function, superfluous but funny , very Apple. It sure sounds like it.

And so much so, because in iOS we've been enjoying it since Apple introduced the iPhone 6s back in 2015 , we talked about Live Photos, that kind of animated photos that are almost a miniature GIF. Of course, in Google will have another name: Motion Photo, certainly in Mountain View have not run much.

So the lucky ones who purchase the second delivery of the Pixel in both standard and large versions will enjoy something Apple launched more than two years ago and that served us so much to see that the camera of our iPhone had a function more like to play with the newly released 3D Touch.

According to xda-developers, Motion Photos will behave exactly like Live Photos , allowing users to capture photo and video at the same time. As the description states:

    When "motion" is on, each photo you take may include a short video before and after the shot and then the video may be included when you share the photo.

Obviously, we will have to see how Google replicates the 3D Touch function . Another new feature that will implement the Pixel 2 will be a feature in the camera that cleans stains and imperfections, something that is not new but that is still very useful.

Via | BGR 

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