Google will copy what they criticized both Apple and its iPhone -


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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Google will copy what they criticized both Apple and its iPhone

The emergence of Google's new terminals a few weeks ago was a breath of fresh air in the vicious world of telephony, in fact we echoed here .

So it seems, Google can do something increasingly popular : set aside the best features for the next year's largest Pixel 3 device, to paraphrase something Google said during the launch of Pixel 2 on the iPhone 2017 line of Manzana.

Do you remember in the fall of 2016 how Google made fun of Apple's decision to kill the 3.5mm headphone jack ? Curiously, they did the same thing a year later, without really explaining their reasons.

Well, this year received a similarly absurd blow at Apple, saying that Google will not keep the best features for the biggest phone, a claim that is very easy to dismantle .

A new Droid-Life report says that Google is working on three Pixel 3 phones. The key names for these devices are Crosshatch, Albacora and Blueline . The source said Google will refer to the trio of phones like A, B and C to keep their identity hidden. Here comes the interesting part .

" We were also told that two of these devices will be considered premium, while the third will be integrated at a high level. What is the difference? At the moment it is a mystery for us. However, the source referred to them simply as Pixel devices . "

What is clear is that Google is manufacturing two premium and one high-end devices for next year. This year, Apple released the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus, which are the cheapest iPhones and the expensive iPhone X. All three phones have virtually the same internal components . The iPhone X has a larger battery, has Face ID camera and a screen of 5.8 inches.

Google just told us that you just removed the headset jack so you can manufacture your own full screen phones. That means he plans to use a full-screen design on at least one of the Pixel 3 models in 2018 .

Assuming that this early rumor of Pixel 3 is accurate, we can see that Google will save for next year some of the best features for the larger Pixel 3 phone .

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