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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Guide to insurance to your iPhone or iPad

The possession of mobile devices and smartphones in particular is the order of the day. The development of increasingly sophisticated devices with improper functions of the phones of 15 years ago makes them gadgets increasingly expensive. The recent departure of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and the imminent iPhone X , more than 1100 euros in price, makes us rethink the subject of insurance.

Often it is the operators themselves that offer it to us when we make the purchase, only a small increase in price. Here what we must keep in mind are the coverages they offer us , since they are often minimal. On certain occasions we cover accidental damages such as broken screens or liquid damages, which is very common, but little more.

It may be more interesting to consider hiring one that offers not only this type of damage, but also protection against liquid damages , theft, theft and loss , and if it is for the use of fraudulent calls, the better. Also, in case of an incident, what is the price of the franchise if there was one .

No one is safe from suffering any kind of accident, it is true that there are people with "imán" for the misfortunes or that according to the type of activity that they develop yes that it is convenient to them . Imagine a climbing monitor, a workman working at heights or something similar.

What is certain is that it would not compensate if we have a very basic terminal, but if you are reading this is because you probably have an iPhone, whose model is currently cheaper than the iPhone SE , which starts at a price of € 419. I would have it very clear, and I would consider that possibility having previously read the small print of the covers .

Things to keep in mind when hiring insurance

- It is very important to know that from a certain date from the purchase of your device you will not be able to secure it, although there are insurers that allow a lot more margin. For example, Orange does not insure your mobile phones if you try to do it after 15 days since you bought it .

- You may have the electronic insurance covered by your home insurance , so if you have any doubts, you should consult with them about these possible contingencies.

-You should think that a high-end appliance should be insured. They are very sweet for friends of others. Many times we finance your purchase and it is very painful to have to pay for something you no longer have. Therefore, take out insurance at least until you finish paying the device.

-It thinks the screen breaks are the order of the day, and the cost of repairing an iPhone is 180 euros , which is enough money. Look for insurance that covers breakages .

-Theft is not the same as a robbery, the latter being the case in which most insurance companies usually cover. In the case of a theft there is no force or violence to remove the apparatus .

-Your appliance is always covered by a guarantee, if it is within the time limit and you have a failure, you assert your rights as consumed r.

- Do not sign a blind insurance . Often it is the operators themselves who offer seemingly perfect insurance for very little money. Before starting to sign anything, ask for a copy of the conditions and read them carefully. Do not be in a hurry to do so, then what happens happens and everything is lamentations.

- Always keep the bill for your iPhone or iPad , it is the only guarantee you will have before the insurer if you want to claim damages.

-If you are unlucky enough to suffer a robbery or theft, file the complaint as soon as possible , 24 hours later may be the time limit for later claiming insurance.

-There are credit cards that carry an electronic device insurance if you have paid with it. There is also the possibility of contracting with the same entity of the card an insurance for these contingencies .

"Unfortunately insurance fraud is the order of the day. There are people who, with dubious ethics, try to deceive the insurance to obtain an economic reimbursement or in its defect, a new apparatus. There are some who condemn other people who have acted in this way. It is known the case of a lady who went to report the robbery to police to deceive the insurance, and from the police station called their number, sounding the device inside the bag. It is not worth playing it, it is absurd as well as immoral .

Do you have mobile insurance? Have you ever suffered a mishap and made use of your insurance? We will be happy to read your comments . Until the next post.

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