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Monday, 30 October 2017

Has the Touch ID died?

We are facing the end of an era, Apple will implement its new facial recognition technology with the Face ID function replacing the Touch ID . Are we facing a final goodbye? Everything seems to indicate yes.

The first Apple smartphone to integrate the Touch ID function was the iPhone 5s . The smartphone of 2013 revolutionized the way in which Apple users unlock their terminals.

The Touch ID feature is software that Apple has created to complement the fingerprint sensor in the hardware of the iPhone start button used to unlock the phone without using the password.

The death of the Touch ID function

The iPhone X uses a special module in its camera in the form of 3D sensors that scan the face of the users. Therefore, the new device of the tenth anniversary does not need a start button to use Touch ID.

All the rumors indicate that all the new iPhone that Apple presents from now on will feature the Face ID function , which will replace Touch ID in the future. And this means that we will not see more start buttons on an iPhone. Never.

Basically, the iPhone you have in your hands could be the last one to have the iconic Apple start button . And if you have a 3.5 mm headphone jack, you will not see it on another Apple smartphone either.

Now we only need to find out if Face ID will be as efficient as Touch ID . Unlocking the iPhone with just one finger is fast and convenient, but doing it with your face is even better . Hopefully its operation has no errors and all users are satisfied with this new feature that will replace, forever, the legendary Touch ID of iOS.

What do you think of Apple's facial recognition? Will you miss the Touch ID? Should both functions coexist?

Source | Mashable

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