Here are new free applications for a limited time -


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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Here are new free applications for a limited time

Today is Tuesday and after an intense weekend we bring back some free applications for a limited time, that is, the offer expires today at the end of the day. Do not become lazy and dare to take a look, there may be some that interest you enough . Let's get them.

Chinese Checkers

Transmit yourself to the ultimate Zen experience with Chinese Checkers. A classic marble board game that is fun for the whole family. Be the first to orient your koi carp across the pond to win. Immerse yourself in a rich graphic environment with wonderfully impressive images.

Fully universal, optimized for iPad and iPhone. Use your iPad as a virtual board with up to six players. Play against your friends online with Game Center or challenge up to five computer opponents in single player mode with multiple levels of difficulty.


Thunderspace's spectacular 3D sound-reproduction technology delivers a realistic, high-quality environment through stereo headphones. How is that? Think 3D glasses for 3D movies. Left eye, right eye. Your brain combines these two images into a 3D image. The same principle works for the sound: left ear, right ear. Thunderspace audio is biomimetic: it reproduces the ambient sound field exactly as you hear it .

Video Player + Document Manager

Video Downloader: Now you can also download videos from several websites. The application includes a fully integrated browser and videos can be viewed on and offline. Keep in mind that YouTube videos can not be downloaded for copyright reasons. With documents and images from the Document Manager can be managed and read on the iPhone and iPad . You can convert documents, Web pages to PDF. The document manager supports PDF, MS Office, iWork and the most common document formats.

PromptStart Lite Teleprompter

PromptSmart is the first and only "smart" teleprompter application. VoiceTrack voice recognition technology automatically tracks your voice as you speak. PromptSmart is a unique application because VoiceTrack's speech recognition engine gives you unmatched, intuitive control over its content where other teleprompter or autocue applications fall short because they rely on exorbitant hardware or predefined shift speeds.

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