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Monday, 16 October 2017

How the AirPods killed the romance of sharing headphones

I will confess that I did not know that I needed a wireless headset until I tried it. "All for what, " I said to myself. One day you discover that there is no need for cables, that everything is much faster, clean and comfortable . In the case of AirPods, it is simply another level: a full synchronization with your iPhone, which will know when to raise or lower the volume with just a touch on the surface. Welcome to the 21st century!

However, technology has broken a magical moment that we have all done once and that is endearing and romantic in equal parts, although there is always some grinch of love that says otherwise. I talk about sharing headphones, shoulder to shoulder, choosing songs together and protesting the choice of the other while you think which song will be next. What a most intimate moment!

When Apple removed the jack connection on the iPhone 7 all were complaints. A year later, most top mobile manufacturers have joined the trend because on the one hand they save space to make the terminals finer and incorporate more battery, and on the other allows them to sell apart the wireless headsets. A round business, look wherever you look.

In that market of wireless headphones there is an absolute leader for audio quality, design, battery, synchronization ... yes, we talk about Apple AirPods. Obviously sharing AirPods is much more practical : "Take care, your headset". And that's it. You can both hear music or watch a video even if you are a couple of meters away, there is no rubbing. But rubbing made love!

Of course, you can both hear the same music and have more autonomy. How cold everything! But we are witnessing how the technological advances have eliminated a classic experience, a ritual of ancestral courtship in the last decades.

What do you think? Will you miss the touch of sharing headphones with cable or you think a brutal improvement?

Via | Mashable 

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