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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

How DxOLabs Photo Benchmarks Work

We have all seen how certain benchmarks of large applications such as AnTuTu or Geekbench have been losing prominence in recent years , even though such tests are still useful to measure the performance of a computer. However, in the world of cameras has happened exactly the opposite.

DxOMark is a classification that has gained a lot of reputation in recent days , has reached the point that it has become a reference for big companies when it comes to making a new phone . On the other hand, many do not know exactly what these exams consist of, how do they evaluate the cameras of the telephones? Why is this test so controversial?

DxOMark Exam

The famous youtuber Marques Brownlee tells us that the DxOMark website is responsible for analyzing all types of cameras , from DSLR like those found in any smartphone, giving them a score that can exceed 100 points even though there is no camera that I have done it yet.

The Dx0Mark tests have different stages, including video recording and photo capture, of course also the exposure, contrast, noise is evaluated ... Valuing all these aspects of a camera, a note is given to the camera doing a mean of the main tasks . However they do not do an arithmetic mean, but rather they prefer to use their own algorithm giving the necessary importance to each category.

All tested terminals go through the same tests, the problem comes when simplifying everything in a single number . It is very complicated to say if two very good cameras are superior between them, and more talking about the high end of terminals, because it is possible that in certain situations one camera will develop better than another.

Likewise and as identified in the video, according to the score of Google Pixel 2 (98) and Note 8 (94), we can think that the Google phone will make better photographs. However, if we look at the specific tests and their respective scores, we will see that the terminal of the Korean brand is undoubtedly superior .

In addition, knowing that companies make the cameras of their smartphones taking into account the DxOMark score, it is not unreasonable to think that most companies will try to get their phone to get a good score instead of making good photos . No longer does it matter to get the best catches, now it is important to get the best score.

Be that as it may, it is best not to take this type of evidence as the absolute truth, these results are only guiding values . It is necessary to compare photographs of both terminals. Anyway, everything depends on our tastes and what we value most.

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