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Monday, 30 October 2017

How much money would you be willing to pay for the iPhone X?

During the keynote of last September 12th, we finally got to know all the details regarding the iPhone X , the 10th anniversary mobile special edition of the original iPhone that changed everything in the smartphone panorama.

After many years, Apple redesigned its iconic terminal with a front with hardly any edges, a characteristic notch that enables facial recognition and animojis, said goodbye to the Home button, integrated a vertical dual camera and the bionic processor A11. Also, wireless charging and fast charging were implemented for the first time.

What was also revolutionary was the price : from 1,159 euros in the most affordable configuration and 1,329 euros for the 256 GB. When we found out, a cold sweat ran down our backs and our wallet ... How long would it take to be profitable? Am I really going to pay so much for a cell phone?

However, we all know the good work of Apple and many did not think twice: they would buy the iPhone X at all costs . And judging from what he saw on Friday, he's on track to break records .

Goal: get an iPhone X at any price

So much so that in just a few hours it sold out in many countries . Although Apple has ensured that next Friday, November 3 we can buy it without reservations in any Apple Store if we go early in the morning, in the case of reservations is no longer possible, and the lucky ones will have to wait up to 5 weeks .

And the picaresque arose . More than one and two began uploading the acquired terminals to platforms such as eBay . Yes, at a price higher than pop: about 2,000 euros. If they put them, it is because they know that there will be people who will bite and spend 2,000 eurazos for the iPhone X.

Other stores like Best Buy have opted directly to raise $ 100 the sale price for flexibility but above all because they know they can , as they say in Bloomberg . In economics, this is known as consumer surplus . And, if the consumer can and is willing, why not squeeze a little more?

We ask you a question: how much would you be willing to pay for an iPhone X if you received it today?

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