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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

How to add any sound file to the Music app on your iPhone

Having music on our mobile is an imperative need in today's society, at least if we do not want to go crazy throughout the day. Music can help change your mood, so it is necessary to have it on hand if we feel that the world is falling on us.

So, today we bring you a tutorial on how to add any music file to your iPhone without needing to play iTunes ... but you're going to need a Mac.

Archives and Dropbox, the dynamic duo

If you had never used the Archives app on your iPhone, it's finally time to do it. Of course, you will need to download the Dropbox service from the App Store to continue with the tutorial. If you have already downloaded it to your device, continue reading.

Now you just have to add any type of music to a folder using the Files application - as long as it is in a compatible format.

Now, the song should sync with your library in the Music app.

The iTunes Curse

In the middle of 2017 is detestable that Apple still make us use iTunes to synchronize the music with our iPhone. The competition anticipates Apple in practicality and usefulness, at least in this respect, so if we go on like this, we are likely to see a large migration to Android in future years.

However, thanks to Apple Music, the Cupertino have managed to contain the surf at least a little , facilitating the way we listen to our music. Of course, it is still complicated for those who do not have the subscription to this service.

While you do not need to use iTunes to put the music on your device, you'll have to have a Mac yes or yes , so it's really a very impractical solution for those of us who use another system.

iTunes is hell and the devil at the same time, I myself have experienced it on more than one occasion, so we hope that Apple will leave us the way free in future versions of iOS.

What do you think of this option? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | Cult of Mac

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