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Monday, 16 October 2017

How to customize your Apple Watch dial with your favorite photo

It seems unthinkable, but until the arrival of WatchOS 4, our Apple Watch had a series of spheres that were integrated by default and, although we could incorporate a few more to customize it from the gallery of spheres, something as simple as changing the background by one of our invention was not possible . Come on, it's been a lifetime to change the wallpaper.

As a result, with WatchOS 4 released this September, we can put in the background whatever we want , letting our creativity fly: from a work by Rothko or Hopper to the photo of our son, our pet or a tender kiss with our couple, the limit is how tacky we are.

How to change the face of your Apple Watch with your favorite photo

1) First of all it will be to choose a photo of our iPhone Photo Reel as a photo to use in our smartwatch. Look for it and when you have it, click on the share icon.

2) In the lower menu you will see an option that is " Create a sphere " and an icon in the form of Apple Watch. Select it.

3) Choose how you want your appearance : photo or kaleidoscope, where you want to see the time, complications, if you want to add more photos, etc. When you have chosen everything, click on "Add".

4) And that's it. Now you just have to go to the "Watch" app , find it and select it.

You already have a unique sphere in the world for your Apple Watch . It may seem trivial, but personalization is something we've always missed at iOS users and actually, what less than being able to choose what background we're going to see in our smart watches. You can add as many spheres of your own as you like.

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