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Monday, 23 October 2017

How to get an iPhone for 200 euros ... or so they say on Android

We read it a few days ago and we did not believe it. A user of Foromóvil ensured that getting an iPhone for less than 200 euros was possible . I was puzzled: would it be a second-hand iPhone? Maybe the iPhone 5c or iPhone 5? Surely there has to be a trap.

So I clicked and I noticed: no, it was not an original iPhone, but a tuneado Android . Where are we going to stop? If you have a spirit of adventure and a lot of imagination, why not try the invention?
What will we need for our cheap iPhone?

First of all it will be to get a Xiaomi Mi A1 , whose external appearance reminiscent of an iPhone 7 Plus. You do not believe it? Well watch this video so you have an idea:

Yeah, okay, it may look pretty similar in appearance, but it will never be an apple bite because it actually lacks apple filler. Error! Here are the stickers that will get the miracle.

But obviously the mythical Home button with its corresponding Touch ID will still be missing, right? Well in Aliexpress we have a button that replaces the Home to integrate it.

Okay, maybe the Chinese Xiaomi tuned that resembles, but its inside is what matters, and is that iOS makes the difference . Well, the forero has thought of everything and puts within reach of anyone who wants a Launcher for the desktop screen of iOS 11 and even an app that reminds the control center , come on, that is a rough copy.

Of course, imagination and creativity to power. Anyway, even if the mona dresses in silk, mona stays ... and a launcher can never replace the user experience of iOS, true differentiating element of the iPhone. But it has been funny to see the experiment and love-hate that awakens Apple among Android fans.

Via | Formoóvil 

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