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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

How to see the eighth season of The Walking Dead

The popular zombie apocalyptic horror series returns to the charge with its eighth season. The beginning of the same was something very expected by the legion of followers that this saga has been accumulating since 2010 , year in which it was released. It is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated returns this fall.

The season that begins today will have a total of 16 episodes and has eleven main characters and eight secondary characters of the series in general , so the main cast has nineteen characters, which is a greater amount than in past seasons .

How and where to see The Walking Dead?
In Spain

The Fox channel broadcasts in Spain The Walking Dead. The channel will premiere the new episodes in original version subtitled in the early hours of Sunday 22 to Monday 22 at 3.30 (peninsular time), half an hour after its premiere in the United States. For the dual version will only have to wait a few more hours and will be broadcast on Monday at 22:20 . The same will happen with the remaining chapters.

As on previous occasions, the eighth season of the series will feature 16 episodes that will be broadcast in two parts: the first eight-part installment will premiere on Monday 23rd and the second, composed by the other eight episodes, will premiere around February 2018 .

In America

In the United States, the AMC cable chain issues The Walking Dead . The premiere of the eighth season is Sunday 22 at 21.00 (Eastern time). In Latin America, the premiere will be the same Sunday in Fox Premium (open, opens its signal for the whole world). The schedule in which the chapter will start varies according to the time usage in which we are, in Colombia or Mexico will be at 20.30; in Peru and Chile, at 21.30.

If you want to live the series to the full, try to characterize yourself as a zombie with this application .
The Walking Dead:Dead Yourself
The Walking Dead:Dead Yourself

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