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Friday, 20 October 2017

How to Teach Siri to Pronounce Names Properly

Siri may be great at modifying settings and setting the alarm, but we do not take advantage of everything we can . In fact, with iOS 11 Siri is smarter than ever and has improved on other tasks such as sending iMessages from your AirPods (or EarPods) with your iPhone in your pocket or even improving your pronunciation and hearing.

And if your name is Rachel, Siri will have no problem. But if your name is Xavi or Xabi, then you make her crazy . Fortunately, you can teach him how to pronounce and listen properly so he can transcribe it later.

How to teach Siri to pronounce names

Take an example known to everyone, the soccer player Xavi Hernandez, former Barcelona midfielder, the Spanish national team and currently in Qatar. The same case would be applicable to another red midfielder, tolosarra Xabi Alonso. Here we go.

1) Summon Siri and say "let me show you how the name of Xavi is pronounced". Although he does not know how to say it, Siri is intelligent enough to associate it and will be willing to learn it. Accept and give the name properly, Siri is listening to you .

2) After pronouncing the name, Siri will offer you a series of alternatives that you will have to hear. Select the one that best fits the actual pronunciation .

And that's it. From now on, when you say Xavi or Siri has to say it, he will pronounce it in the way you have taught him, something very useful in case you have to send a message. Remember that this also serves the full name , ie you can configure Siri to say and hear the surnames correctly.

With this trick you will no longer have to resort to manual searching yourself because Siri will read, now Siri already knows how is the pronunciation of names, surnames, motes, etc.

Via | Cult Of Mac 

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