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Sunday, 29 October 2017

How to work in Apple

Apple does not stop in its efforts to lead the world of technology (at least in its field) and therefore since 2014 has not stopped hiring PhDs in Artificial Intelligence, that is what is deduced from its latest hiring: machine learning, vision by computer, language processing and other types of disciplines within the AI. But where and how do they hire them?

If you have ever wondered what you should do to work at Apple, today we bring you the answer. First of all a premise: it will not be easy and you need to be good . And also, have good grades. Jobs did not finish his career, but it seems that if you do not have a degree or even a doctorate, it's complicated.

FastCompany has conducted a study to find out what pattern Apple is following and it seems that all its acquisitions have words on its LinkedIn profile as a researcher or scientist. Something very broad and vague, on the other hand. In addition, Apple is very cryptic when it comes to filtering information .

According to this study, Apple would recruit its signings from other technology companies, both doctorates and not. But, from where? Very simple, of the best: Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo or eBay hold the first positions. However other giants like Google or Facebook are out of their fishing zone.

When Apple has hired people directly from the university, has opted for graduates at Stanford, Berkeley or MIT as first options, either by proximity or because MIT is something like the Disneyland of any engineer. Come on, the best place in the world to study a technological career. In any case, they are renowned universities, of the Ivy League .

So you know, working at Apple is not going to be easy , but the summary would be: focus on Artificial Intelligence, go to a prestigious university or else, you can always get access through another technology company, in any case the practices They are always a good option to make the leap to the most advanced.

Via | FastCompany

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