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Sunday, 29 October 2017

I have reserved an iPhone X, what do I do now?

You have a week to wait for your new iPhone X to arrive (if you're one of the lucky ones). There are some things you must do during this time to make sure everything is ready for the day of delivery. Here are some tips.

Most of us will have spent 1159 euros on the iPhone X. Even if you took advantage of the discounts of the operators, it has been a huge outlay. You will want to make the most of your iPhone X during the time you have it, and make sure it does not die prematurely.

Buy a case

The first thing to do after removing it from the box is to put a case. There are hundreds of them available, and you must have a list made. The last thing you want to do is that your new device has a nice notch on the day of its release . As about tastes there is nothing written, think that your cover must fulfill a simple purpose, protect. It is useless to use more than 1000 euros on a phone if your cover compromises security . Do not be a rascal.

Buy an AppleCare

It's worth every cent . Extends warranty coverage to two years (unlike only one) AppleCare coverage also gives you priority access to Apple experts via chat or phone, every day, 24 hours a day. Just remember to buy it within 60 days after purchasing your iPhone X, so do not expect too much.

Buy a fast charger

The iPhone X finally gives us a quick charge. This provides up to 50 percent battery life (from 0 percent) in just 30 minutes . The only problem? Apple does not include a quick charger in the box . Error.

But you should definitely buy a quick charger to take advantage of the technology. You never know when you will need as much power as possible and as quickly as possible. Apple sells an adapter that is capable of being quickly charged ; It is the same 29 watt model that is shipped with the MacBook, although there are cheaper options from other manufacturers.

Buy a wireless charger

iPhone X also has wireless charging, but once again, Apple does not provide the accessory you need in the box. Fortunately, the Qi charging standard has been on the market for years , so there are many affordable charging bases to choose from.

Prepare for the day of delivery

When your iPhone X arrives, you'll want to start using it as quickly as possible. But there are some things you should do first, like transferring all your data from your previous phone . remember that iOS 11 greatly simplifies this trance , having implemented the quick start.

Sell ​​your old iPhone

You will probably need your previous iPhone until the iPhone X arrives, but once you have it, you can sell the predecessor to recover some of the money you just spent . Check out our guide to make the sale a success.

We assume that you 're dying to get through these days, so we'd love for you to tell us how you're living . We will wait for you!

Source : cultofmac.com

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