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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

If you are a CaixaBank customer, you can pay with Apple Pay

Apple Pay continues to grow, more slowly than we and Cupertino would like, but it does. And is that if you live in Spanish territory, to date you could only use Apple's payment platform with Banco Santander, but from today Caixabank also adds .

So if you have a CaixaBank or ImaginBank account and a Visa card issued by CaixaBank, you can pay with your iPhone comfortably and safely. With Banco Santander and CaixaBank, Apple is sure to reach a good customer base, although the immersion of payment methods through the mobile is costing more than planned and agreements with banks are delayed too much.

How to pay with Apple Pay with CaixaBank

If you have an account with CaixaBank and its corresponding card, you just have to add it on the iPhone from the Wallet app . The procedure is very simple: scan or type the data of your card manually and that's it.

Also, if you have an Apple Watch , remember that you can also pay with your smart clock by setting it up properly for Apple Pay . Just go to the Watch app from the Wallet app and sign in to Apple Pay.

And that's it. To pay in the stores that allow it , you will have to bring your iPhone touchless terminal (those who are near, without needing to pass the card) and use the Touch ID to confirm the operation.

When the iPhone X goes on sale , this procedure will be done with Face ID . At the same time, the payment will be made and you will hear a sound to indicate that the operation has been completed successfully.

If you want to pay with your Apple watch , proceed in a similar way: bring your Apple Watch to the POS and double click on the side button. As with the iPhone, it will also make a sound to confirm the operation.

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