Important news for the WhatsApp app on your iPhone -


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Friday, 6 October 2017

Important news for the WhatsApp app on your iPhone

Words can open all the doors you need so that you can make your way to what you firmly believe is your destiny. With just one sentence, you can achieve a revolution, inspire lots of people around you , or millions if you have the means. You just have to throw the right words, and in that, nobody can help you. But if you can be honest with yourself, then the world will fall at your feet.

I may have gone a little with creative writing, but the point is, words should never be underestimated . They are the perfect weapon, the key to any challenge that the human has raised. And now, you can make the most of your status with the new WhatsApp update that has come to iOS. With this new version, you can give words the protagonism they had and that they deserve in each and every one of your states.

An update expected for all those to whom the images come to us great 

As I said before, the main novelty of this update is that we can publish states of text , we will only have to touch the pencil that will appear in the States section, and give free rein to our creativity, or our thoughts. In addition, we can also give them some color by choosing the background that we want for each of them. As always, these will remain in full view for 24 hours.

On the other hand, we also have other changes such as the possibility of looking for a specific text in each chat . To do this, we will have to access the information of the contact or the group, and then touch Search in the chat. In this way, we can easily access the messages we need. But always remember that words are a most dangerous weapon. Use them very carefully.

And you, do you use WhatsApp states frequently?
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