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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

IPhone 8 Blows Leads to Note8

With more and more people queuing to buy the iPhone 8 Plus than the iPhone 8 for the first time (perhaps in anticipation of the iPhone X), the focus has suddenly shifted to Apple's largest feature-rich phone, thanks to the dual configuration of the camera on the back, but also for the duration of the battery .

Not only does the iPhone 8 Plus support 25 percent more of a charge than the iPhone 8, but our benchmark battery test reveals that it is way ahead of the iPhone 7 Plus and is also the longest lasting iPhone .

This is undoubtedly due in part to Apple's new Bionic A11 chip, which is not only extremely powerful but also relies on the frugal 10nm processor node that absorbs electrons while performing current tasks but increases power when is required for heavy games or AR calculations, for example .

Since the screen resolution, amount of RAM and software are the same in the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus, the gain in battery resistance can be attributed mainly to power management processing, taking into account that the iPhone 8 Plus also comes with lower battery capacity than its predecessor .

How does it compare to flagship Android? Well those who are with QuadHD or QuadHD + screen resolutions are not compatible with the 1080p iPhone 8 Plus, as you can see below with the slight exception called HTC U11 and since there are not many other "Full HD flagship ", Except for the Xiaomi Mi 6, the iPhone rises to the top of the list.

Given how well iOS 11 manages standby time, it can last from a day and a half to two-year battery life with the iPhone 8 Plus, depending on its usage, which can not be said for the vast majority of expensive phones these days.

As for charging times, well, the iPhone 8 Plus has fast charging and wireless standards. Fast chargers would make the iPhone 8 Plus reach 50 percent in half an hour, but they, and the respective cable, are not sent in the box, so you should spend a little more money to buy the Apple kit .

It seems that the current head of Apple's list, until dethroned by the iPhone X in a month, is not as bad terminal as many say . We will see if he will be able to maintain this status .

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