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Friday, 20 October 2017

iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus, Which one to buy?

A few days ago we received a surprise that actually surprised a few: the iPhone 7 was sold more than the brand new iPhone 8 , which has less than a month of life in the market.

If you are thinking about buying an iPhone and "spend" to spend more than a thousand euros on a terminal like the iPhone X , or are simply faithful to a design that has given us so good times while the Face ID still gives you some mistrust, you've asked yourself this question: what do I buy, the iPhone 7 Plus or the iPhone 8 Plus? Let's try to help you out of doubts.


Whatever you look at, the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone 7 Plus are like two drops of water : same dimensions, almost same weight, same shapes ... and we do not have to go very far, as both follow the wake they started in Cupertino in 2014.

Except for one exception, the dual camera that started its successful differentiation last year with the iPhone 7 Plus and this year repeats with the iPhone 8 Plus. For the plus range, the extras in optics. Of course, the double lens is still horizontal , as the vertical distribution is reserved for the iPhone X.

As the only differences we will say two: with the iPhone 8 Plus we will enjoy an elegant glass finish , which gives it more grip and a different finish. Unfortunately, the footprints are more noticeable than aluminum.

Likewise, color is also another distinguishing feature : while in the iPhone 8 Plus we have space gray, gold and silver. For its part, the iPhone 7 Plus comes in glossy black, matte black, silver, gold and rose gold. That is, last year's model offers us 5 options for 3 of this.


In both cases we will enjoy a 5.5-inch screen with Retina HD technology with 5.5-inch Multi-Touch LCD. By repeating, we will have the same resolution in both versions. Come on, the screen will not make the balance fall on one side or the other .

As the only improvement of the iPhone 8 Plus to say that it has True Tone , a function that adapts the Light of the screen according to our surroundings.


If we go to the camera, we will also have it difficult . In the photography section, we have an identical dual lens with 12 mpx with wide angle and telephoto, digital zoom and image stabilization.

In both cases we have portrait mode , but the iPhone 8 Plus has portrait lighting, which is currently in beta. In addition, the optics of the iPhone 8 Plus integrates certain intangible improvements, but if you like photography, with the iPhone 8 Plus you will notice difference.

Regarding the video , while the iPhone 8 Plus reaches 4K recording up to 60 f / s, the previous model only reaches 4K at 30 f / s.


Yes, the A11 is a real beast that leaves the bitumen to the rest of smartphone processors on the market. It even makes it look bad to the MacBook Pro. But before the A11, the A10 merger of the iPhone 7 Plus already made biting the dust to the Samsung Galaxy S8 this year.

So obviously the A11 is better than the A10, but do you really notice when opening apps, multitasking or playing? Well, no.


While the iPhone 7 Plus had two capacities, 32GB and 128GB respectively, the iPhone 8 Plus goes further with 64GB and 256GB. Yes, it is exactly the double, something that should make you think that this year Apple offers for the same price twice as much space .

Here if we observe a certain difference, and is that 32 GB you can get something short, more considering that you are buying a mobile for several years. On the other hand, 64 GB if that is a size more than decent but not excessive. Come on, here the dilemma would be between the iPhone 7 Plus 128GB or the iPhone 8 Plus 64GB , and the price difference is not so much: 889 euros versus 919 euros on the Apple website.


Although Apple is not very friendly to facilitate the amperages, they said it during the keynote and we just reproduce it: the battery of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 are practically the same. To give you an idea, its autonomy will give us all day without problem .

So it's a matter of value adding: on the one hand the processor A11 is more efficient and the True Tone regulates the Light, so to force, the optimization of the battery is greater in the iPhone 8 Plus .

An extra worth while is that the iPhone 8 Plus allows wireless charging (hence its crystal housing), a much desired feature. Of course, the cargo dock is not included, so you'll have to buy it separately. In addition, the iPhone 8 Plus is possible fast charging , something very thank you. 

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