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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

iPhone X, Samsung's favorite mobile

Apparently, Samsung is about to pocketed a lot of dollars by making certain parts of the iPhone X. The best thing about this is not that Samsung is back in the iPhone, but you get even greater benefit doing parts of the iPhone X than those of your own Galaxy S8.

After the battle that began between Apple and Samsung in the courts, the situation of symbiosis of both marks had remained very stagnant - it had disappeared. However, a beginning cycle for Apple and Samsung has led companies to come together, making Samsung even more fortunate with this union.

Samsung always wins

The analysis carried out by Counterpoint Technology for The Wall Street Journal bases its prediction in 20 months from the exit the market of the iPhone X , key figure for the sale of the devices after its exit. It is estimated that in these 20 months is made the most sales of a new device.

According to the calculations, Samsung is about to earn about 4 billion dollars in profits by manufacturing components for the iPhone X. That Samsung earn more by manufacturing part of the iPhone X than by manufacturing the entire Galaxy S8 is due to the sales estimates of the iPhone X are much larger than those of the Galaxy S8: 130 million versus 50 million.

Apple and Samsung are expected to be the most profitable companies in 2017 . Samsung for manufacturing the OLED screen and NAND flash memory of the iPhone and Apple by the growth in their sales after the launch of the iPhone X.

They hate each other but they need each other.

In spite of all the disputes, patent fights and business struggle: Apple needs Samsung for its components, this makes that despite breaking relationships, they are always rediscovering themselves out of sheer necessity . It would not hurt to try to get a little better.

Via | macrumors.com

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