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Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Is justified the price increase of the top mobile phones in 2017?

We do not have to tell you: mobile phones are more expensive in 2017 than in 2016 . And that the antepenultimate. And so we can go back in the price to find that although the original iPhone was expensive, but it cost much less than it costs now. Of course, if you take the original iPhone you'll probably be scared of how old-fashioned it is versus the iPhone 8 Plus or the iPhone X.

Eye, it is not an exclusive affair of Apple, also other brands like Samsung or LG have been increasing their prices. Although the original iPhone did not come in Spain, the starting price in the US was $ 500, exactly the same as the first Samsung Galaxy. Today, the iPhone 8 costs $ 700 (809 euros in Spain) and when introduced, the Samsung Galaxy S8 cost $ 750. Although there is one thing in favor of the Koreans: their prices go down like the foam in a very short time .

Screens without frames, better optics, more power and storage ... is it enough?

To be honest, the motives for 2016 were not far from those of this year . I mean, the iPhone 7 had a powerful processor, maybe something less storage and a screen with worse resolution.

But users of this terminal are clear that it is not worth giving the jump to the iPhone 8, perhaps the wireless load, the processor A11 or True Tone do not justify that jump. With the iPhone X there are more improvements , such as the infinite screen or the camera TrueDepth, but also the price jump is greater.

This difference in price not only concerns Apple as we have said, Note 8 has also become the club of the thousand euros mobiles. Even other brands like Huawei, OnePlus or Google have also raised their prices, but the jump of Samsung and Apple are bigger than ever before. As we can see in the photo, each new model is more expensive than the previous year and in some cases the rise is drastic.

There are many reasons for this jump , and one of them is simpler than the rest: that the competition also does. But in addition, new designs and materials, screen ratios of 18: 9, more power and storage ... changes that are welcome, but that may not justify this price increase. Or if?

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