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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Is Samsung the mobile maker with the most innovative design?

Since entering the telephony scene in 2007 , Apple has been the undisputed king of intelligent design . The company simply took things to a whole new level when it came to quality construction and aesthetics. When Apple introduced the iPhone 4 in 2010, with its stainless steel body and glass, Samsung had the plastic on the Galaxy models, with a design that looked old.

Since then, Apple has managed to maintain its advantage. It produces very elegant designs like the iPhone 5, which later reached the status of jewel. The simplest design of the iPhone 6, while aged gracefully, drove the entire industry to produce smartphones with almost no distinctive visual detail, just as a whole, and one-piece metal body. Since its inception in the market, Apple has been the trendsetter trendsetter.

How Samsung outperformed Apple in this year's design

At some point, Samsung decided that they wanted to improve on this, as it has often been criticized when it came to the style of their mobile phones. The company took a tight turn in 2015, when it shifted from plastic to glass and aluminum , for a general aesthetic similar to the iPhone 4, but in a more modern way, with larger screens and slim bezels. Not everything was great at first: Samsung came up with some extravagant color variants, and the ergonomics of the first Edge models were quite crude.

However, Samsung is a company that learns through experience and feedback, and tends to improve its products iteratively with each generation. From the humble beginnings of their desire to produce smartphones that deserve to be investigated, where we are now, we have seen significant improvements to their smartphone line every year. While Apple has been reproducing the marvel of the design of the iPhone 6 , we have witnessed these key control points for Samsung's design division.

And this brings us to today, where we have the Galaxy S8 and Note 8. You may think that the current language of Samsung's design has to do with extra-flat bezels and an expansive "Infinity Display", but there is more to it than that. First, check out the materials and finishes that Samsung has used for their current smartphones: once again the glass in the front and back , but this time, they are held together by an elegantly shaped aluminum frame with a high gloss surface.

This makes the metal feel very soft and more organic to the touch; but also creates the effect of a whole, continuous object such as reflections of the environment jumping happily through glass through metal, and then onto the glass again on the other side. One of the things that Samsung designers are very proud of the Galaxy S8 , is the feeling even better in the hands of the phone; and, in fact, between highly polished natural surfaces.

And then, is the Galaxy S8 color selection is available throughout this multi-color range.

Compared to this remarkable diversity of fresh, quiet colors, Apple's current selection of dark gray, white and gold for the iPhone 8 looks bleak and uninspired.

The current design language of the iPhone looked and felt great until this year. We think the culmination of this chapter was the iPhone 7 , and hopes that Apple will finally modernize its line this year. Instead, Apple tried to refresh things a bit, but the overall aesthetic of the iPhone has remained unchanged and the limited selection of colors just made it look even less impressive.

The iPhone 8 is the most refined smartphone, but it looks so 2014

Take a look at a Mercedes S-Class or a BMW 7 Series for example, or a Bentley. These premium cars are super expensive and offer all the features and extras you can imagine, however, the overall design is usually conservative , avoiding possible causes of stress from sudden changes.

This is the kind of general Apple experience going does not mean wanting to be so stale. This is not to say that, although there are small iterative improvements that are welcome, the design should have changed at least a year ago .

Apple customers pay higher prices from Apple and expect an equal high quality product. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are two very refined machines, but by 2017, the " brand new " design is close to being an insult to brand fans.

The iPhone X is not enough

But even if the iPhone 8 is boring, will the iPhone X take the smartphone design crown this year? Yes and no. Yes, because it is expected that the iPhone X will be the most exquisite phone with a total screen design , and no, because if you look closely, you will see that almost all the elements that make it so large already lie in the Samsung S8 . However, the Galaxy is also available in a range of trendy, coordinated colors, while the iPhone X comes in only black and white, which limits its potential as an accessory for self-expression . 

It seems clear, then, that this year, Samsung has assumed the role of design leader and trends. It has been able to take the aesthetics of higher phones half a year earlier than the Apple. The iPhone 8 is supposed to be somewhat discreet. And while the most expensive, the iPhone X will deliver much of what the Galaxy S8 has been offering for some time.

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