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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Is your iPhone going slow? Blame it on your apps

After the launch of iOS 11 there have been many users who think that their iPhone or iPad is slowed by Apple's scheduled obsolescence . It is true that the technology present in the latest iOS software is designed for the latest models . But the slowdown of your device is only due to your installed applications.

In fact, in addition, many iPhone are slow because they do not leave enough memory space to process the data. If you're experiencing lag on your phone after installing iOS 11, we recommend releasing storage capacity and following these tricks to speed up your performance and see how things change for the better.

Futuremark has created an application known as 3DMark capable of performing a series of tests to measure the performance of your iPhone or your iPad. And it's thanks to her that we can say that it's not Apple's fault, it's your apps.

3DMark Ice Storm Benchmark
3DMark Ice Storm Benchmark

IPhone works fine, but you ask too much

When any component of the hardware arrives with a new operating system, the new version of an application can make use of the features so that it runs perfectly on a state-of-the-art device.

But, unfortunately, the application uses excessive resources on the devices of previous generations . So you may have the feeling of slowing down in iOS 11, because the app used to work fine, when what actually happens is that the app is doing a lot more work than it did before.

iOS 11 demands much more from your device than iOS 9 or iOS 10 . Think of it this way: you have a shopping cart and each time you add more products, there will come a time when no more products are left in the car. Is it the fault of the supermarket for not creating "infinite cars"?

These types of problems are not just Apple, if you think that a 2015 iPhone does not work as it should ... try using a Xperia Z5. We know it's frustrating that a device starts to show signs of slowing down, but do not blame Apple. The technology must advance , we can not stop, and after all the decision to install the latest software is ours alone.

Source | Wired 

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