Keep your mouth open with the light portrait of the iPhone 8 Plus in this ad -


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Monday, 2 October 2017

Keep your mouth open with the light portrait of the iPhone 8 Plus in this ad

During yesterday Apple published a new announcement of the iPhone 8 Plus introducing us a new functionality that, although it did not come by default in the terminals that went on sale on the 22nd, you can enjoy now thanks to the software updates. It's called Portrait Lighting or portrait mode light and it's simply spectacular . Do you want to see it?

We know that sales of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are being looser than in previous editions , something that has all the logic of the world, on the one hand by the enormous anticipation that awakens the iPhone X and on the other, because this terminal does not innovates too much with respect to 7.

Ojo, the bionic A11 chip, improved optics, TrueTone and wireless and fast charging are more than interesting features, but light years of what the Apple public has been demanding, especially at the aesthetic level.

However, the iPhone 8 is a real beast in everything . We know you do not have to envy the MacBook Pro in terms of power , but the camera is not far behind either. And is that although other brands of competition boast of having the best optics, the reality is that experts highlight the iPhone 8 Plus as the mobile with better optics that exists.

We have already seen its full potential thanks to the first photos that filtered as soon as it went on sale , but now Apple has shared a new announcement with the iPhone 8 Plus giving everything with its dual camera and the new Portrait Lighting feature , which plays with the device's double lens and something Apple calls landmarking.

During the 38 seconds of the commercial we will see all the possibilities offered by this function: disabled, with study light, natural light, contour light, monochrome light, among others. Of course, the addition of lights provides an additional plus for photography enthusiasts .

What do you think of the light portrait? Have you tried it?

Via | Macrumors

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